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Large Semi-Circular Table, Fully Welded Frame, Duraform PU Edges – 710mm(H)

A favourite in the classroom, and understandably so, is the fully welded MDF semi-circular table. Although perfectly capable of enduring everyday classroom use, only the most economical materials are used to ensure your school can achieve the durability and style it deserves without breaking the bank. Kit out your classroom with these Metalliform tables, designed by experts with your school in mind.

Each table has a 710mm high worktop, making them ideal for children aged 11-14. For optimal comfort, posture, and lumbar support however, it is important to select chairs that suit this height; in this case, chairs with a seat height of 430mm. In doing so, not only will children avoid pain and poor posture during long periods of sitting, but your classroom furniture will also comply with BS EN 1729:2016. These tables are of the large variety, but for those requiring less space, a smaller alternative is also available: D11765.

These tables are designed with a multi-purpose semi-circular shape that is adaptable to anything from socialising to individual learning and group projects. Where one table is not enough, the lightweight construction makes it easy to push two tables together to form a circular workspace for larger groups in a classroom, canteen or social area. It is also easy to spirally stack the tables for efficient storage in smaller spaces that other tables do not provide.

With a classic fully welded square tube frame also incorporated into the design, adjoining tables will fit tightly together to create a tidy, seamless look, whilst remaining durable for a long life in even the most demanding classrooms.

Each of these tables is constructed using 18mm thick MDF with a high-pressure laminate finish. This provides an inexpensive yet durable and smooth surface which makes the table both stylish and functional in a learning environment. This is accompanied by high impact Duraform PU edges, again adding to the aesthetic whilst simultaneously providing protection. Unlike the purely natural look of MDF, Duraform PU edges provide a more vibrant look with three different textured colour options, and are famous for their ability to resist scratching and chipping without needing to be re-treated over time. Although ABS edges are also protective, Duraform is applied as a spray rather than a tape that can be peeled off by bored pupils. Also durable is the 25mm steel square tube frame underneath, which has been fully welded to keep the table intact throughout frequent use, re-arrangement or stacking. With this combination of materials, we can proudly offer a 5 year guarantee to help you shop with confidence.

710mm x 1200mm x 600mm (H x W x D)

Choose from the following options when ordering to create a look that compliments your classroom:
• Top Colour: Beech; Maple; Ailsa; Blue; Green; Light Grey; Red; White; Yellow
• Frame Colour: Duraform Light Speckled Grey; Metallic Charcoal
• Edge Colour: Charcoal; Red; Green

Delivered fully assembled. Made in the UK. BS EN 1729:2016 compliant to encourage good posture in an educational institution when matched with 430mm chairs.

For the same table in alternative heights, please see: 460mm(H) - D11775; 530mm(H) – D11780; 590mm(H) - D11785; 640mm(H) - D11790; 760mm(H) - D11796 .

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