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H Frame Table, 45mm Round Tube Legs, Trespa Top, Trespa Edges, 900mm(H) – Large

When working on a creative project, it is important to be sitting comfortably. An engrossing project could take hours of work each day, yet is often tarnished with distraction from aches and pains caused by an insufficient workstation. In order to enjoy long periods of work – and stay productive and healthy in the process – a H frame table is an essential in any classroom using stools or high chairs.

Each of these tables has a 900mm high worktop, specifically designed for science, food, arts, crafts and design and technology classrooms where high seating is the norm. When using a stool with a 685mm seat height, this table will provide optimal comfort and posture when working, protecting students from straining to reach a table that is too low. As such subjects can invite hours of seated work, a stool – and accompanying high table – helps them focus on their work rather than discomfort, and makes it easier to get up and down or change seating position without causing disruption.

Small classroom? No problem! Seats will fit fully underneath a H frame table to save space and prevent accidents when carrying sharp or heavy tools around a classroom. The underframe also ensures legs don’t get tangled underneath for neat and stress-free seat storage.

These tables are designed with a Trespa top and edges for improved safety and lifespan in science, food and art classrooms. Trespa is particularly notable for its moisture resistance, antibacterial properties and ability to withstand dirt accumulation, helping not only maintain a smooth and hygienic worktop, but also making cleaning much quicker and easier. This is due to the material’s dense, closed surface, and is especially important in spaces where food will be prepared or consumed - it is completely safe for food to come in to contact with a Trespa worktop. In science classrooms, Trespa provides the benefit of 24-hour chemical resistance, protecting the table from damage even after years of use. With alternative materials unsuitable and Trespa normally difficult to come by at such low prices, these tables are some of the most popular and sought after for schools today.

With a fully welded H frame also incorporated into the design, strength and stability are optimised for the demands of creative subjects, whilst the underframe offers pupils a place to rest their legs for reinforced posture and comfort. Compared to the protruding corners of square frame alternatives, students will find this round frame to be much more comfortable when seated around a busy table. The frame is finished with Duraform light speckled grey paint - famous for its resistance to chips and scratches - which will help keep your table looking good as new!

Each of these tables is constructed using 16mm thick Trespa. This ensures both a base that is sturdy enough to carry out science experiments safely and confidently, and a surface that is functionally suitable for the environment in which it will reside. It also shares its density with hardwood, making it impossible to distinguish from alternative classroom tables. Trespa is highly lightfast and scratch, wear and impact resistant too, allowing it to maintain its appearance for a long period of time in even the most demanding environments. The accompanying Trespa edges provide the same benefits for all-around protection, and although more costly than PU or MDF alternatives, the compromise of cheaper materials cannot be accepted in an environment where hygiene and safety are of utmost importance.

Another durable feature is the 45mm steel round tube H frame, which has been fully welded to keep the table intact throughout frequent use or re-arrangement, and incorporates a strong steel underframe for strength and stability far greater than a standard table can offer. A frame of this thickness provides the ultimate stability and lifespan in spaces where it is most needed. With this combination of materials, we can proudly offer a 10 year guarantee, ensuring this year’s school budget creates a legacy.

900mm x 1500mm x 750mm (H x W x D)

• Top/Edge Colour: White; Speckled White; Speckled Pastel Grey; Speckled Ice Blue; Speckled Powder Blue
MDF and PU edge options also available.

Delivered fully assembled. Made in the UK.

For the same table in alternate sizes, please see: 850mm(H) Small – Delivered fully assembled. Made in the UK. BS EN 1729:2016 compliant to encourage good posture in an educational institution when matched with 685mm stools or high chairs.

For the same table in alternate sizes, please see: 850mm(H) Small –
D13518; 850mm(H) Medium – D13519; 850mm(H) Large - D13520; 900mm(H) Small - D13521; 900mm(H) Medium - D13522

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