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Economy Multi-Size Tray Storage Unit, 16 Bays for 4 Jumbo, 4 Extra Deep, 4 Deep & 4 Shallow Trays – Unit Only

This tray unit accommodates 4 jumbo trays, 4 extra deep trays, 4 deep trays and 4 shallow trays to help organise and mobilise resources in a wide variety of environments. Supplied empty, it is ideal for replacing a damaged unit, or upgrading for more space without having to replace perfectly good trays that have plenty of life left in them. For a school on a budget in particular, an economy unit without trays is a blessing.

The design consists of 16 individual bays that hold one tray each. This results in greater safety and stability than traditional brackets and runners, so large quantities of heavy items can be stored. It also makes the unit more adaptable, as each bay can be used like a shelf compartment when there are no trays inside – as needs change over time, the functionality as a storage solution will always remain.

Accommodating all of the 4 major sizes available on the market, this unit offers the ultimate tray storage solution. By storing multiple tray sizes in one place, it is much easier to find resources in a hurry, and fulfil different storage needs without having to buy multiple expensive, space consuming units. This also helps you keep different sized items of the same subject or theme together for easy navigation. With this storage unit, never again will piles of odd trays be left to collect dust in the corner of your classroom.

Although alternative trays may fit this unit (please see dimensions), Gratnells trays are the most common accompaniment. Gratnells trays come in four sizes – shallow, deep, extra deep and jumbo – to accommodate the quantity and dimensions of the items you wish to store. They are multi-purpose beyond the typical uses of paper, books and stationery, proving to be equally useful for bulky items that are a struggle to store elsewhere. This includes STEM resources such as science apparatus, art supplies, D&T materials, tools, digital devices, cables and DVDs – for many of which organisation is a necessity for safety. In addition, the short design of the unit allows primary school aged children to reach the top without difficulty, empowering them with the responsibility of finding what they need and tidying up when they are done.

Choose from either a white, beech or maple finish to match other furniture in your space. Due to the neutrality of these shades, any tray colour can be chosen to match branding or create an attractive aesthetic without the risk of clashing. This unit is also mobile with castors to allow movement between classrooms or for easily storing out of the way when not in use.

The unit is constructed using 18mm thick melamine faced chipboard (MFC), a common material in classrooms due to its strength and durability under frequent handling. This is supplemented with a protective laminated finish and PVC edging to create a smooth edge and prevent chipping. PVC is BPA free unlike the more common ABS alternative - which although more resistant to impact is considerably more expensive than PVC. In addition to this initial cost saving, the 25 year guarantee assures great value for your school in the long term, helping its tight budget go further. The MFC used in this product is FSC certified.

• Unit: 967 x 1358 x 453mm (H x W x D)
• Suitable for Shallow Gratnells Trays: 75 x 312 x 427mm (H x W x D)
• Suitable for Deep Gratnells Trays: 150 x 312 x 427mm (H x W x D)
• Suitable for Extra Deep Gratnells Trays: 225 x 312 x 430mm (H x W x D)
• Suitable for Jumbo Gratnells Trays: 300 x 312 x 430mm (H x W x D)

Choose from the following options when ordering to create a look that compliments your classroom:
• Carcass colours (with matching PVC edge): White; Beech; Maple

Units supplied with castors and delivered fully assembled. Trays not included. Made in the UK. Units are BS EN 14073-3:2004 compliant and FIRA tested for strength and stability.

Please see the other multi-size tray storage units in this range: 6 Extra Deep/8 Deep - D28162; 4 Jumbo/4 Deep/4 Shallow - D28919; 4 Jumbo/8 Deep - D28995; 8 Jumbo/8 Deep - D28990 .

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