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Open Paper Storage Unit, for A1 Paper, Adjustable Shelves - with 5 Shelf Tiers

Although customary, leaving paper in the torn-open packaging that it arrived in is not a viable long-term storage solution. It is important to keep paper clean, un-creased and unfolded in order to save money and reduce wastage of what is often a limited and precious resource in schools. A paper storage unit will protect against these types of wear and tear, as well as keeping all your paper in one place that is easy to find for students and teachers alike. In messy art, science, nursery and primary school classrooms in particular, proper paper storage should be regarded not as a luxury - but an essential.

Although this unit is designed to accommodate paper of A1 size, smaller paper sizes can be stored just as well. With a generous 5 tiers, each shelf can be used to categorise different types of paper for quick and easy retrieval. Storing all of your paper in an open paper storage unit can also make it easier to monitor resources, ensuring you never run out of what you need.

Four shelves in the unit are height adjustable and removeable to suit your requirements. This not only allows storage to be optimised after a bulk buy that demands more space between shelves, but also makes the unit multi-functional. If some shelves are removed for example, it can serve as a standard cupboard unit, creating the opportunity for future re-use in classrooms that need this. Furniture that is adaptable in this way is excellent value for schools on a tight budget.

This particular unit comes without doors, and it best suited to environments where security and spillages are of minimal concern, or for schools looking for paper storage on a budget. An alternative with lockable doors is also available for those that feel the additional protection and security is necessary. Both of these units are mobile, and supplied with castors to allow movement between classrooms or for easily storing out of the way when not in use.

The unit is constructed using 18mm thick melamine faced chipboard (MFC), a common material in classrooms due to its strength and durability under frequent handling. This is supplemented with a protective laminated finish and 2mm thick ABS edging tape to create a smooth edge and prevent chipping. The durable construction of this product allows us to proudly offer a 25 year guarantee, so your school can use its tight budget wisely. The MFC used in this product is FSC certified.

856 x 1023 x 705mm (H x W x D)

Choose from the following options when ordering to create a look that compliments your classroom:
• Carcass colours: Beech (brown edging); Grey (dark grey edging) Units supplied with doors, adjustable shelves and delivered fully assembled. Made in the UK. BS EN 14073-3:2004 compliant and FIRA tested for strength and stability.

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