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Jewel Equation Table, Round Bent Tube Frame, Charcoal Duraform PU Edges – 530mm(H)

With the unbeatable durability and unique, eye-catching looks of an equation table, it would be a crime not to apply the same principles to as many designs as possible. For this reason, Metalliform have created the modular jewel table for an endless combination of fun patterns, adaptable to any class size and any type of project. With so many funky, fun colours to choose from, jewel tables are accomplished in both the style and resilience required in modern day classrooms.

Each table has a 530mm high worktop, making them ideal for children aged 4-6. For optimal comfort, posture, and lumbar support however, it is important to select chairs that suit this height; in this case, chairs with a seat height of 310mm. In doing so, not only will children avoid pain and poor posture during long periods of sitting, but your classroom furniture will also comply with BS EN 1729:2016.

Jewel tables have a design that accommodates small work groups, but they are more commonly used to create a custom workspace based on your needs or available space. They can be arranged in an endless variety of patterns to make learning more fun and keep children engaged for more effective knowledge retention. Try diagonal, diamond or star shaped arrangements to get all pupils involved in groupwork and help them feel closer to their classmates when socialising. The various arrangements of modular tables can also help teach children about spatial awareness, patterns, logic and planning – transferable skills which can be adapted to numerous situations in life.

With a round bent tube frame incorporated into the design, it is possible to achieve the style and longevity of crushed bent steel but with a softer, less corporate and more contemporary finish. Compared to the protruding corners of square tube alternatives, students will find the round frame to be much more comfortable when seated around a busy table. When pushed together, tables will fit seamlessly for a neat look that doesn’t impinge on the ability to work.

Each of these tables is constructed using 25mm thick MDF - 7mm thicker than the average classroom table to better endure the frequent re-arrangement that will take place. This is finished with high-pressure laminate to create a durable and smooth surface that will stay functional and stylish after many years of use. Also durable are the charcoal high impact Duraform PU edges, which add to the aesthetic whilst simultaneously providing protection without needing to be re-treated over time. Duraform is famous for its ability to resist scratching and chipping, coming in handy when tables are pushed together or knocked into things when re-arrangement is taking place. Duraform is also applied as a spray that pupils will not be able to peel off.

Underneath this is the 32mm bent round tube frame – a thick steel construction that keeps the table satisfyingly steady when in use without compromising on style – and height adjustable feet to eliminate any wobbling. With this combination of materials, we can proudly offer a 10 year guarantee, ensuring this year’s school budget creates a legacy.

530mm x 1440mm x 840mm (H x W x D)
3 tables pushed together will create a hexagonal table with a diameter of 1730mm.

Choose from the following options when ordering to create a look that compliments your classroom:
• Top Colour: Beech; Soft Blue; Summer Blue; Soft Lime; Tangy Green; Lilac; Purple; Canary Yellow; Orange Flame
Why not mix and match colours for something unique, fun and exciting? You can request multiple colours from the above when ordering multiple tables.

Please note that the price will increase on this product from 16th August 2021 Delivered fully assembled. Made in the UK. BS EN 1729:2016 compliant to encourage good posture in an educational institution when matched with 310mm chairs.

For the same table in alternative heights, please see: 460mm(H) – D14475; 590mm(H) - D14477; 640mm(H) - D14478; 710mm(H) - D14479; 760mm(H) - D14480

Lead time

8 - 10 Weeks

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