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Beech Tray/Upper Cupboard Storage Unit, 1 Fixed Shelf, 9 Bays for 9 Extra Deep Trays – Unit Only

Achieve unmatched organisation for staff and pupils alike with this adaptable, multi-use storage solution. Supplied without trays, it is ideal for replacing or combining existing units without having to replace perfectly good trays that have plenty of life left in them. For schools looking to save cash as well as space, this unit is the ultimate solution.

The economical 2-in-1 design is comprised of 9 separate bays to accommodate an Extra Deep Gratnells/Triple Certwood tray each, beneath a cupboard unit with half lockable doors and 2 internal shelf tiers. These tiers are separated by a fixed shelf that offers greater stability and a lower cost than adjustable alternatives.

By combining tray and cupboard storage, different storage needs can be satisfied without having to buy multiple expensive, space consuming units. Whilst paper, books and files are ideal for storing in the cupboard unit, bulky items that are a struggle to store elsewhere can find a home in the trays. This may include STEM resources such as science apparatus, art supplies, D&T materials, tools, digital devices, cables and DVDs – for many of which organisation is a necessity for safety. If you choose not to use trays at all, the bottom half of the unit can be used as open shelf compartments, proving this adaptable storage solution to be the best value for any school.

The half lockable doors on the cupboard unit help keep the contents protected from unauthorised use, provide a barrier against spillages in art or science classrooms, and hide the contents from children to limit distraction. Unsafe substances and specialist equipment such as those used in science labs can also be kept safe for greater peace of mind, as well as personal belongings, answer sheets or stationery that is at risk of being used without permission.

The unit is best suited to teachers due to its height; although young children will be able to reach the trays without difficulty, the cupboard unit will be out of reach. It is also static for permanent status and safe usage in any environment.

The unit is constructed using 18mm thick melamine faced chipboard (MFC), a common material in classrooms due to its strength and durability under frequent handling. This is supplemented with a protective laminated finish and 2mm thick ABS edging to create a smooth edge and prevent chipping. The durable construction of this product allows us to proudly offer a 25 year guarantee on all units in this range, so your school can use its tight budget wisely. The MFC used in this product is FSC certified.

• Unit: 1570 x 1023 x 485mm (H x W x D)
• Suitable for Extra Deep Gratnells Trays: 225 x 312 x 430mm (H x W x D)
• Suitable for Triple Certwood Trays: 225 x 312 x 425mm (H x W x D)

Units delivered fully assembled. Trays not included. Made in the UK. Units are BS EN 14073-3:2004 compliant and FIRA tested for strength and stability.

Also available in grey. .

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