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Coloured Single Column Tray Storage Unit, Grey/Red - with 8 Shallow Gratnells Trays

Tray units are the ultimate solution for classroom storage and organisation. Thanks to their simple operation, durability and comforting familiarity, it is no surprise that they have become a timeless staple in classrooms across the country.

The design consists of 8 shallow trays within a compact single column. Although teachers can use these units to organise work per subject, trays can also be assigned per pupil when multiple units are used. Using a group of single column units allows you to create a custom layout that suits the shape of your classroom, optimising space better than a less adaptable multi-column unit of the same capacity. Tray units of this size are also useful for primary school aged children who will be able to reach the top tray without difficulty, and will not require as much space as a deeper tray would allow.

The unit itself is grey coloured with a rich red top and matching red trays, and features dark grey edging to make any classroom appear stylish, homely and welcoming. The unit is also mobile, and supplied with castors to allow movement between classrooms or for easily storing out of the way when not in use.

The unit is constructed using 18mm thick melamine faced chipboard (MFC), a common material in classrooms due to its strength and durability under frequent handling. This is supplemented with a protective laminated finish and 2mm thick ABS edging tape to create a smooth edge and prevent chipping. The supplied Gratnells trays are made from super-strong polypropylene to ensure a lifetime of use for an affordable price. Gratnells are one of the top education storage specialists in the UK, and used extensively in a majority of schools. The durable construction of this product allows us to proudly offer a 25 year guarantee on all units in this range, so your school can use its tight budget wisely. The MFC used in this product is FSC certified.

• Unit: 856 x 357 x 485mm (H x W x D)
• Shallow Gratnells Trays (each): 75 x 312 x 427mm (H x W x D)

Units supplied with trays, castors and delivered fully assembled. Made in the UK. BS EN 14073-3:2004 compliant and FIRA tested for strength and stability.

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