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Folding Exam Desk, Beech, MDF Edges, Grey Frame – 710mm(H)

During exams, it is imperative that pupils are seated alone to neither cheat nor become distracted by their surroundings. It is also advisable, due to the infrequency of exams, that any desks used are portable and easy to store away when not in use. This folding exam desk addresses both of these issues without the unnecessary cost of premium alternatives – ideal for a school on a budget.

The desks have been designed specifically for GCSE aged pupils, with a height of 710mm. It is strongly advised to use chairs with a 430mm seat height for optimal posture, comfort and lumbar support during an exam, and to remain compliant with BS EN 1729:2016.

Each desk incorporates a pen groove to prevent stationery from rolling onto the floor and disturbing others, whilst also signposting the front of the desk to assist staff when setting up. Alongside the pen groove, the desks offer a generous surface area for exams that require additional resources or reading materials, helping reduce the stress and anxiety caused by a cluttered, disorganised workspace. Given that exams are already a stressful time for most students, a suitable desk with such features is a must to not increase this further.

A beech top, Duraform light grey speckled frame, and MDF edges are used in the design for a comfortingly familiar look that will suit any décor, whilst also proving sufficiently hard-wearing for their purpose.

These desks use a stable 4-legged base to reduce costs compared to skid leg alternatives. Although equally durable, a 4-legged base isn’t guaranteed to prevent desks from moving or sliding on the floor when in use, so is best suited to non-skid floors, carpeted rooms, or in rooms with minimal echo. 4-legged desks are able to fold fully for compact storage on a trolley or in a cupboard - making them exceptionally useful in schools where exam halls are multi-use - and the lightweight construction makes this quick and easy for anyone to do, regardless of age or ability.

Each desk is constructed using 18mm thick MDF with a beech high-pressure laminate finish, making them inexpensive yet stylish and durable, with a smooth, easy to write on surface. This is accompanied by polished and lacquered bullnose MDF edges, which form a natural aesthetic whilst simultaneously providing protection against scratching, chipping and other accidental damage. This construction allows us to proudly offer a 5 year guarantee to help you shop with confidence.

710mm x 600mm x 600mm (H x W x D) Delivered fully assembled. Made in the UK. BS EN 1729:2016 compliant to encourage good posture in an educational institution when matched with 430mm chairs.

For a premium alternative, please see the following options: Ailsa – D13671; Blue Silk – D13672; Beech – D13673

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