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BS Classroom Chair, Assorted Shell/Frame Colours – 350mm(SH)

  • BS Classroom Chair, Assorted Shell/Frame Colours – 350mm(SH)

The BS chair is a minimal, flexible option that does not compromise when it comes to posture or comfort. With a sturdy frame that supports only an upper back shell, there is little chance of the chair becoming broken or misshapen, and more freedom in seating position. It is the best choice for students of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable when sitting, with just enough shell to encourage a healthy posture throughout the school day.

Each chair has a 350mm seat height, making them ideal for children aged 6-8. For optimal comfort, posture and support when working however, it is important to select tables that suit this height; in this case, tables with a height of 590mm. In doing so, not only will children avoid pain and poor posture, but your classroom furniture will also comply with BS EN 1729:2016.

The BS chair is famous for its unrivalled frame design, offering both durability and solid lumbar support for students of all shapes and sizes. This is because the frame supports the entire rear of the chair including the shell, limiting its movement to ensure good posture is enforced at all times, and preventing it from becoming misshapen after years of daily use. The shell itself is minimal, supporting only the upper back to give students the freedom to choose a comfortable position. Alternative chairs base their designs on the average student, but for those who do not match this, only the BS chair provides the required support.

Although there are a lot less restrictions, the intelligent design still provides adequate support for a healthy posture in a classroom setting when seated for long periods, preventing back problems in present and future. BS chairs are also lightweight and easy to stack to a limit of 5 chairs high.

There are 10 different shell colours and 2 frame colours available to choose the look that best suits your space, matches your school colours, or creates a colour code for each table.

Each chair is constructed from polypropylene - an easy-cleaning, hard-wearing material that can withstand frequent use and heavy weight. These benefits are unmatched by other materials, and have led to polypropylene becoming the most common material for classroom chairs – there’s no need to break the bank on pricey alternatives offering the same quality!

The anti-tilt leg style has been chosen to reduce the risk of accidents and prevent purposeful rocking that also puts children at risk and causes distraction. Unlike alternatives where the frame attaches to the sides only, the BS chair frame supports the entire undercarriage for a longer-lasting base that supports heavier weight over a long period of time. All fixings are also tamperproof, ensuring the minimal construction cannot be dismantled or broken easily.

As the frame provides support up the entire back, the chair has a much stronger construction than alternatives that use shell alone to support the user. We are proud to offer a 5 year guarantee on the BS chair so you can shop with confidence.

350mm x 621mm x 423mm (SH x H x W)

Choose from the following options when ordering to create a look that compliments your classroom:
• Shell Colour: Charcoal; Blue; Soft Blue; Green; Tangy Green; Purple; Lilac; Orange; Red; Yellow
• Frame Colour: Duraform Light Speckled Grey; Metallic Charcoal

Delivered fully assembled. Made in the UK. BS EN 1729:2016 compliant to encourage good posture in an educational institution when matched with 590mm tables.

For the same product in alternative heights, please see: 260mm(SH) - D14621; 310mm(SH) – D14622; 380mm(SH) – D14624; 430mm(SH) - D14625; 460mm(SH) – D14626

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