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Trolley for Transporting NP Classroom Chairs - Holds Stack of 8 Chairs

This trolley will help you transport your NP chairs quickly and with no fuss. The intelligent, minimal design is made up of a robust steel frame and two heavy-duty wheels, with no costly extras to complicate its operation. Simply stack the chairs, place the back legs onto the tray, hold the top chair to keep the stack steady, and tilt. When loading the trolley, ensure the chairs face away from the user for maximum safety, and hold the stack steady from the top when loading and unloading.

As the trolley is for transportation only, it has been designed compact to fit in even the smallest storerooms, but without compromising on its function. The tray comfortably accommodates the chair legs with plenty of spare room to act as a safety net, and has high edges to keep chairs in place when turning corners. The steel frame both supports the stack of chairs and incorporates a handle for easy maneuvering – an efficient one-piece construction maximises the safety of the user as the parts will not become loose. Save money and save space with this economical design.

Although designed for NP chairs, it is possible to stack and transport others that fit on the tray. Please ensure chairs are steady before moving, and do not stack beyond manufacturers recommendations. NP chairs can be stacked to a limit of 8 chairs high to help you set up events and quickly transform multi-use rooms.

1180mm x 640mm x 300mm (H x W x D)

For transportation only – not suitable for chair storage. Chairs not included. Made for the NP classroom chair range (available via search).

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