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Garlic Powder 500g

Cream Coloured, Free Flowing Powder with A Strong and Pungent, Typical of Garlic Taste.

Nutritional Values Per 100g: Energy: 1385kJ/331kcal, Fat: 0.73g, of which saturates: 0.25g, Carbohydrate: 72.73g, of which sugars: 2.43g, Fibre: 9g, Protein: 16.55g, Salt: 0.15g.

Ingredients: Garlic Powder.
Allergies and Intolerances: None of the 14 Food Allergens listed on Specification.
Dietary Suitability: Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.
Storage & Shelf Life: Store away from direct heat, moisture and sunlight in a cool, dry place. 10-25ºc with 70% RH maximum.
Packaging: PET Jar - Glass - Clear with black cap.

Disclaimer: As product information, ingredients or allergy advice may change, please read the product label carefully before using or consuming any products, rather than relying solely on the information provided in this website and attachments. Read the full Food Disclaimer here.

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