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Shippams Assorted Pastes 12 x 75g

Shippams Assorted Pastes 12 x 75g - 4 x Shippam's Classic Chicken Spread 75g, 4 x Shippam's Classic Beef Spread 75g, 4 x Shippam's Classic Salmon Spread 75g.
Shippam’s is a quintessentially English food brand with a range of products based on classic flavours and traditional recipes. It was founded in 1750 by Shipston in Shippam, a quality butcher based in Chichester on the south coast of England. The brand’s classic sandwich spreads are still produced in Chichester and are enjoyed just as much now as they were in the 18th century when the Shippam family started to produce them.
Contains Wheat, Barley, Mustard and Soya
Ambient Storage
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