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Optima Mediumweight Rubber Latex Gloves, Blue – Large (Size 9-9.5)


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These mediumweight rubber gloves combine a number of specially designed features for optimum performance whilst you work, but without the eye-watering pricetag of heavyweight alternatives. Although the gloves will upload for use in cleaning, manufacturing and assembly, kitchen work, and general handling and processing, please consider the colour coding used in your environment. To prevent cross contamination, blue gloves are typically recommended for low risk areas where there is less risk of bacterial contamination. These gloves are size large (9-9.5).

With natural rubber latex, these gloves perform well to protect against acids, alcohol, detergents and other water-based chemicals. The strength and thickness of the material not only protects against tears, punctures and abrasion, but ensures the gloves last longer than thinner, economical alternatives that are available. The mediumweight gloves can be used again and again without compromising the safety of your staff, and without wasting money on overzealous heavyweight gloves nor disposable gloves that contribute to environmental damage.

For a long-life glove, function cannot be an afterthought. On the palms and fingers of the gloves is a slip-resistant pattern for a good level of dry and wet grip, which not only prevents accidents with glasswear, but also prevents staff from dropping chemicals that could be harmful to the skin, cause allergic reactions, or cause a slip hazard. Inside, the gloves are soft cotton flock lined to easily take on and off, and absorb perspiration for hands to stay cooler for longer when worn for long periods. The anatomical shape and flexibility also reduce hand fatigue and make for a pleasant experience – no more will workers be tempted to hazardously work without gloves.

Lying midway between economical and heavyweight, Optima rubber gloves offer the perfect solution for those on a budget who simply cannot compromise on safety. For durability, comfort and peace of mind without breaking the bank, this is the choice for your staff. For the cleaning of other areas, please also see the yellow, red and green gloves in this range.

Contains fungicidal and bacteriostatic agent for maximum hygiene. Tested in accordance with European standard EN1186 for safe food contact.

For the same gloves in additional sizes, please see the following items: Extra Small – 406295; Small - 406309; Medium - 406317

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