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Reliwipe Saline Wound Cleansing Wipes, Alcohol Free – Box of 100


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Due to the business impact that the global Coronavirus, COVID-19 is currently having on YPO, this item is in high demand, so please bear in mind when placing your order that this product may not be immediately available and orders quantities may be capped.

Reliwipe Saline Wound Cleaning Wipes are an essential addition to any work first aid kit - and with this box of 100, you can always stay topped up for emergencies. As an alcohol and latex-free product, all patients will be able to use the wipes on open wounds without risk of allergy or discomfort, with absolutely no compromise when it comes to preventing infection.

Why Alcohol Free?
Alcohol, although a highly effective solution to avoid infection, can be irritating to the skin. This is because many alcohol-based products contain a much higher percentage of pure isopropyl alcohol or ethyl than you would think, with some even as high as 90%! This is bad for overall skin health and can exacerbate inflammation to make the problem worse. For children, the elderly, those with sensitive skin, or simply those with low pain thresholds, alcohol-free products are a much gentler way to get the job done.

Why Reliwipe?
As an alternative yet equally effective solution, these sterile wipes are saturated with safe and sterile salt water (NaCl 0.9%). The wipes themselves are made from a soft, damp fabric material that is gentle on the skin compared to paper or crepe alternatives, and do not contain any abrasive agents or strong odours.

With individual wrapping, Reliwipe Wound Cleansing Wipes will not dry out, and are perfect for using on the go, particularly where no water is available. Use them on cuts, scrapes and wounds to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria before dressing is applied.

1 year warranty.

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By Ann Hughes, on 02/10/2018

As described - excellent price

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