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Mini Hand Towels, V-Fold, 1 Ply, Blue - Multipack of 40 Sleeves (7200 Towels)

Due to the business impact that the global Coronavirus, COVID-19 is currently having on YPO, this item is in high demand, so please bear in mind when placing your order that this product may not be immediately available and orders quantities may be capped.

These Mini Hands Towels are soft, absorbent and the perfect size for children. With their unique, narrow size made to perfectly suit smaller hands, children will create much less waste when drying hands to save money for your school, and save the planet. If their size isn’t enough, the towels are also made from 100% recycled tissue for even less of an environmental impact, and are to be used with the Mini Dispenser that ensures only one towel can be taken at a time!

High Quality
Mini Hand Towels are just as absorbent as those larger in size, with only one normally required after washing. They are also just as soft for a pleasant experience that won’t damage hands with frequent use, and may even encourage children to wash their hands in the first place! The only difference between standard and mini hand towels is the narrow size, which reduces the cost per towel when less paper is needed for smaller hands. Paper is also saved with the 1 ply design, with high absorbency making additional paper unnecessary.

Towels are dispensed from the Mini Dispenser, which uses a compact design for use in even the smallest of bathrooms. The towels use a V-Fold to save space within the dispenser and reduce refill frequency, then are dispensed fully unfolded for maximum drying performance - regardless of which way up they were loaded. With one towel dispensing at a time, children won’t take more than what they need or touch any towels they don’t use, resulting in less wastage and eliminating cross-contamination, respectively.

• Towel Size: 12.5cm(L) x 23cm(W)
• Style: V-Fold
• Colour: Blue
• Pack Size: 40 Sleeves of 180 Towels (7200 Towels in Total)

For accompanying dispenser, please see 218758.

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