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Premiere D-Stain Powerful Stain Remover 3.5Kg

A powerful detergent powder for efficient de-staining and brightening of crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils. D Stain is an effective oxidising agent removing heavy tannin or food debris staining. D Stain is recommended for cleaning plastic, melamine, nylon, fibreglass, china, ceramic and painted surfaces.
To achieve best performance, product must be diluted with very hot, not boiling water(600°c - 900°c).

• It may be used as an alternative to bleach for the whitening of cloths and mop heads

• D Stain can also be used for washing nylon and as a pre-soak

• prior to washing stained clothes and fabrics

• pH of a 1% solution of D Stain under typical analysis is 10.6

• NOT recommended for aluminium utensils or surfaces

• Supplied in a 3.5kg resealable tub

A FREE chemical dilution chart and guide to basic health and safety training are available when you buy this product. To request yours email [email protected] 3.5kg