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GOJO Mild Foam Hand Soap, LTX-12 Refill Pouch, 1200ml – Pack of 2

Due to the business impact that the global Coronavirus, COVID-19 is currently having on YPO, this item is in high demand, so please bear in mind when placing your order that this product may not be immediately available and orders quantities may be capped.

Washing your hands should always be a pleasant experience that leaves you confident that you are clean for the rest of the day. With many soaps however, fragrances, residue or damaged skin can have the opposite effect – but not GOJO. This spa-inspired foam soap uses a dye and fragrance-free formulation that is extremely gentle to skin, leaving hands feeling soft, fresh and clean even with frequent daily use.

The Healthy Choice
From the creators of Purell, this soap allows everyday use without resulting in dry, cracked or irritated skin on the hands. It presents as a rich, creamy formulation that can be effortlessly and generously lathered on hands with only splash of water, perfect for those looking to be more eco-conscious. Those same people will be pleased to learn the soap is EcoLabel certified, and uses over 98% biodegradable ingredients specifically chosen for their toxicological and eco-toxicological profile. It is in fact the plant-based surfactants, derived from glucose, that give the soap its mild, creamy foam texture, and with the addition of lipid-replenishing agent, skin will not only become cleaner, but healthier than before.

GOJO Mild Foam Hand Soap is hypoallergenic for everyone to confidently use in a shared space, and suitable for babies and children when under adult supervision. It is also pH neutral and there are no added dyes or fragrances to irritate the skin or unnecessarily add potentially toxic ingredients.

This product is a refill made for wall mounted dispenser 490046. Please use a wall mounted dispenser in busy or communal washrooms or kitchens where a standard bottle of soap could be easily lost or stolen. This is also more hygienic as the dispenser can be operated without touching. Within the dispenser, the SANITARY SEALED™ refill will prevent contamination, and controlled collapse technology will maintain the bottle shape longer while emptying.

The packaging is also excellent for those who care for the planet; the SMART-FLEX™ bottle design uses 30% less material than HDPE, and incorporates a removeable pump for easy recycling.

Passed food tainting test in accordance with EN 4120:2007. Product applicable for use with LTX-12 Dispenser: 490046. For a botanically fragranced equivalent, please see 490047.