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Solvex Nitrile Gauntlet Gloves, Blue – Extra Large (Size 10)

  • Solvex Nitrile Gauntlet Gloves, Blue – Extra Large (Size 10)

Where harsh chemicals are present, a trustworthy solution for chemical resistance is crucial. Specially designed for maximum protection, Solvex Nitrile Gauntlet Gloves are the best way to keep your staff safe on the job – without compromising on comfort during all day use. Use these heavyweight, extra long-sleeved gloves in wet and dry environments where harsh chemicals are present, such as agriculture, automotive, construction, chemical processing and preparation, metal fabrication, printing, and refining (oil and petrol) industries.

Why Nitrile?
Nitrile gloves provide a superior level of protection in the form of chemical and virus resistance, a feature that vinyl and latex do not offer. Also unlike latex, nitrile gloves are unlikely to carry an allergy risk neither to the wearer, nor to product end-users via released particles. During work, nitrile is flexible enough to allow dexterity, yet simultaneously highly resistant to punctures and tears for the ultimate durability under tough circumstances.

Why Solvex?
These particular gloves are designed in the gauntlet style, meaning they have extra long sleeves that protect wrists and arms as well as hands. Standard gloves fall short of full protection, and are in fact the cause of many workplace injuries; it is important not to compromise on staff safety just to save a bit of money. With Solvex however, rest assured that every penny is well spent. The super thick nitrile film and its natural durability means the gloves last an incredibly long time compared to alternatives, so repeat purchases are far less frequent. Money is also saved through the sandpatch finish, which provides a smooth surface to decrease rejects of fragile parts, and decrease indirect costs as a result.

Despite a smooth surface, the design also features a reversed lozenged finish to enhance grip and ensure nobody drops dangerous chemicals to injure themselves or others or cause a spillage. This feature also makes it easier to accurately complete work, thereby decreasing stress for the wearer. Another feature is abrasion resistance, further aiding protection to the skin, and is unequalled by any other glove of its kind on the market. Inside, the cotton flock lining makes Solvex gloves easy to don and remove, and reduces perspiration throughout a long work day. Those working long hours are more likely to consistently wear the gloves due to this, so staff will always stay safe whilst remaining comfortable.

These gloves have been tested and found to meet the following specifications:
• European Directive 89/686/EEC
• EN 420: 2003 + A1:2009
• EN 374: 2003
• EN ISO 374-1: 2016 Type A (JKLOPT)
• EN ISO 374-5: 2016 (Virus)
• European Regulation 1935/2004 'Materials and Articles to Come into Contact with Foodstuff'
• European Regulation 2023/2006 'Good Manufacturing Practices for Materials and Articles to Come into Contact with Foodstuffs'

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