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Nitrile Examination Gloves, Powder Free, Blue, Large – Pack of 200


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For a reliable and highly resilient solution that will provide maximum protection to the user, look no further than nitrile gloves. With a contamination-limiting powder-free finish, these particular nitrile butadiene gloves make the ideal choice for the majority of industries – particularly those where staff, customer or patient safety is paramount. Use these gloves where there is high-risk to the user and disposable gloves must be used.

Why Nitrile?
Many industries require disposable gloves to reduce cross-contamination, but require additional protection than what other single-use alternatives can offer. Vinyl gloves for example are lower quality for use in low-risk environments, and latex do not always provide the same protection or resilience that nitrile offers, with the additional risk of allergic reactions. Nitrile gloves on the other hand are waterproof, greaseproof, oil proof and chemical resistant, whilst also protecting against viruses. They are also highly tear and puncture resistant and therefore extremely durable despite their stretchy properties, making them the ultimate solution in a risky environment.

These particular gloves feature a beaded cuff for improved tear-resistance, strength and easy donning. The flexible material creates an improved fit and feel that reduces fatigue, and is textured to improve grip for additional safety. The gloves are also manufactured to be low in residual chemicals to reduce the risk of contact dermatitis.

Due to their protection against chemicals and viruses and high durability, nitrile gloves are ideal for the emergency services, and medical, chemical, handling, veterinary, laboratory or janitorial settings. Not only will staff be protected from dangerous exposure, but patients in medical settings particularly will benefit from virus protection. During the COVID-19 pandemic, nitrile gloves will effectively slow the spread of the virus provided gloves are disposed of immediately after use. Use them in busy, unfamiliar or other public areas, particularly whilst shopping, working or cleaning.

Before considering cheaper alternatives, please consider the risk to staff, patients or others around you first. Nitrile offer the highest protection and durability on the market, and are the closest alternative to latex gloves for those with allergies.

Why Powder-Free?
Aesthetically, a benefit of powder-free gloves is the lack of mess on skin and clothing when removing gloves, which helps employees look more professional whilst they work. More important however are the practical benefits. Although powdered gloves are easier to remove, there is risk of contamination when the powder particles are released into the air or onto skin. This is a risk to the patient as well as medical equipment in the vicinity, so powder-free gloves are highly recommended in such settings. In other areas such as food preparation, painting and decorating or automotive work, contamination is also a risk, and powder-free gloves should be used here too to stay on the safe side.

These gloves are tested to BS EN 455 and BS EN 374:2016 Type C. Internationally tested for chemical residue.

For the same gloves in alternative sizes, please see the following: Small – 404616; Medium – 404624

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