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Green Effect® Cups, White, 12oz – Pack of 500

Key Features:
•100% Plastic free – water-based lining
•Recyclable and Compostable – suitable for mainstream recycling bins
•Made in the UK with materials from FSC/PEFC accredited forests
•Pack of 500 cups - 12oz

Green Effect Cups are the first truly environmentally friendly paper cup. 100% plastic free, recyclable, degradable, compostable and manufactured in the UK, there is no disposable cup option on the market that is better for your carbon footprint from start to finish.

Plastic Free
Each cup is 100% plastic free, instead manufactured using cup board to ensure full recyclability via mainstream facilities, and to eliminate dangerous carbon from being pumped into the atmosphere during production. This is sourced from sustainably managed FSC and PEFC accredited forests to ensure minimal environmental impact so you can enjoy your hot drinks guilt-free!

Whilst regular disposable cups are lined with oil-based polyethylene (PE), Green Effect cups are lined with a plastic-free, water-based barrier coating solution. Not only is PE harmful to our planet and ourselves, but it also needs to be collected and recycled through an approved scheme that takes time, money and effort to organise.

Easy Recycling
For many consumers, the confusion of the various recycling requirements prevents them from recycling at all. This is why Green Effect cups are designed for simple, mainstream mixed-paper recycling with no dedicated collection needed – just pop them straight in the recycling bin.

With a water-based lining, the cups are also certified compostable as per EU13432, and are able to fully compost in industrial composting facilities.

Truly Environmentally Friendly
Whilst other brands sell eco-friendly products to please the consumer, Green Effect truly care about the planet, cutting emissions in all areas from product design to the manufacturing process, packaging, delivery and disposal.

In addition to an eco-friendly and recyclable design, the packaging itself is recyclable to minimise environmental impact as much as possible. The cups are also manufactured in the UK to cut down on emissions during transport, which in comparison to alternative ‘eco-friendly’ cups is surprisingly and disappointingly rare.

Overall, Green Effect cups are the best solution to reduce single-use plastic waste that is destroying the atmosphere, the oceans, and our ecosystems.

Don’t confuse eco-friendly with low quality! The cups are food and drink safe, provide heat protection for your hands, and have superb insulation to keep your drinks warmer for longer. With high durability, you can relax and take the time to enjoy your hot drinks without worrying about breakages.

12oz (350ml)

Customisable printing available with a minimum order quantity from 1000. Pack of 500 white cups. Lids sold separately.