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Medisanitize Hand Sanitising Gel - 500ml Bottle


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Key Features:
•75% Isopropyl Alcohol content
•Added Aloe Vera to reduce irritation and moisturise hands
•Ideal for frequent use including in medical settings
•Pump dispensing – easy operation that limits touching
•Formulated to WHO standards and works against coronavirus

With the threat of germs, viruses and disease becoming a more prominent focus in our lives, hand hygiene is an ever-increasing priority when it comes to protecting yourself and others. Manufactured in Britain, Medisanitize demonstrate their passion to protect the nation with their 75% alcohol advanced formula hand gel, which also includes aloe vera for people with dry and sensitive skin. Use this 500ml bottle with pump dispenser in any office, warehouse, reception, shop or other shared space to instantly kill 99.99% of germs.

Using the Hand Gel
Medisanitize Hand Gel eliminates the need for water or hand-drying for convenient use in fast-paced environments. Use it after interacting with clients or customers, between meetings or simply when you don’t have access to hand washing facilities right away. It is important to wash your hands as a priority, but sanitiser is great for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe when this isn’t immediately possible. Use it in the same way and for the same amount of time you would wash your hands for maximum effectiveness.

Medisanitize uses a strong alcohol-based formula (75% Isopropyl Alcohol) for high effectiveness against germs, bacteria and viruses, but without the excessive saturation of 90% alcohol alternatives. Excessively high alcohol content can cause skin irritation, particularly with frequent use, and is unnecessary when 75% achieves the desired effect. On the other hand, although alcohol-free sanitisers do slow the spread of bacteria and viruses, they do not dissolve them as alcohol formulas do.

Isopropyl alcohol in particular evaporates quickly, making it less likely to dry out the hands, and also suitable for use as a rubbing alcohol on surgical equipment, electronics and more.

As high alcohol content can cause irritation, Medisanitize include naturally moisturising aloe vera in their formula to maintain skin health and leave hands feeling soft and refreshed with each use. Avoid chapped, cracked and sore hands from cheaper alternatives without splashing out on the leading brands – only with Medisanitize.

This anti-irritation formula makes Medisanitize the perfect solution in environments where repeat use is expected, such as medical, healthcare, food production and customer facing roles. You can also use the product as a rub on door handles, shopping trolleys, phones, taps, remote controls and other common surfaces to prevent the harbouring of billions of potentially harmful microbes.

Gel Formula
Compared to foam sanitisers, hand gel is far more familiar to the average user, meaning people are more likely to use it and correctly so for the desired effect. Its familiarity and water-like feel will also provide psychological reassurance to those concerned about germs.

Gel is also slower to dry which increases the time your hands are exposed to the germ-killing formula, and highly liquid in nature to easily spread all over the hands and underneath fingernails.

The bottle features a pump mechanism to limit touching when shared with others.

Manufactured to WHO standards. Kills 99.99% of germs including coronavirus.

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