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Enduro Sanitising Wipes, Alcohol Free – Bucket Refill of 225 Wipes


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Unlike the majority of alternatives, Enduro Sanitising Wipes are suitable for safe and effective use on both hard surfaces and skin alike. This is a result of the sporadically active, alcohol-free, water-based formulation, which not only manages to kill 99.999% of bacteria and fungi in just 60 seconds, but is dermatologically tested to work gently on skin and eliminate irritation.

Please note: This product is a refill for product 490892 (bucket of 225 wipes). For safe storage of the wipes, the bucket is required.

Why Enduro Sanitising Wipes?
Enduro is just as tough on germs as it is kind to skin! Although alcohol-based wipes are extremely effective for cleaning, they can actually be harmful for those with sensitive skin, such as children or the elderly, and with frequent use, alcohol-based products are harmful to all types of skin. Because of this, Enduro’s gentler dermatologically-tested formula is recommended for frequent use, and particularly in environments such as care homes.

As a 2-in-1 wipe, you can save money whilst keeping yourself and those around you safe, without having to research several different products for different uses. The water-based formula is also extra safe, being non-flammable with no special storage requirements and a minimal impact on climate change. The wipe itself is manufactured from absorbent fabric that is soft yet strong for adaptable use, assuring staff and patients that breakage is unlikely.

Using the Wipes
Enduro Sanitising Wipes are quick drying (60 seconds) for convenient everyday use - anytime, anywhere! Use on non-food contact hard surfaces or on skin and leave to dry naturally; doing so allows the formula time to work effectively on pathogens. When used as directed, the fragrance-free formula will leave no annoying scents, streaks or sticky residue, and no trace of having used wipes at all!

This product is a refill for the Enduro bucket of 225 wipes (490892), ensuring your wipes can be transported, stored and accessed as conveniently as possible, but without producing excess plastic waste. In a large bucket, it is easy to carry Enduro wipes to different locations, particularly when working as a home care worker or cleaner with many different patients or clients. Wipes can be easily accessed for quick, convenient use, and secured tight with the lid for safe transportation in a vehicle without contamination.

The Science
The wipes boast a fast-acting 60 second kill rate against bacteria and fungi, with residual activity against bacteria proven to last up to 4 hours after application*. It has also been dermatologically tested and deemed skin safe through the use of a 96-hour skin patch test, and doesn’t use any skin-irritating perfumes.

The following European standards apply to this product:
• EN 1276 and EN 14561
• EN 14476
• EN 1650 and EN 1275
• EN 13704

Bucket not included. Always ensure bucket is re-sealed after use. Discard wipes hygienically according to your standard waste disposal procedures. For external use only. Avoid eye contact or ingestion. Do not use on broken, sore or irritated skin.

For the same wipes in different quantities, please see the following products: Flowrap of 40 – 490890; Tub of 200 – 490891; Bucket of 225 – 490892

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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