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Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine Kit


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Key Features:
•Lightweight, compact and portable scrubbing machine
•Efficient - great for busy areas and busy staff
•Versatile – telescopic handle and handheld attachment for hard to reach places inaccessible to other scrubbing machines
•Brushes and variety of abrasive and microfibre pads for scrubbing corners, eliminating tough dirt, and polishing surfaces

The Caddy Clean is the most compact, versatile, and efficient scrubbing machine on the market. With an ergonomic and lightweight design made for professionals, the Caddy Clean efficiently and effectively scrubs the toughest spots in the hardest to reach places, including staircases, corners and more. This kit includes the Caddy Clean machine with telescopic handle, a variety of brushes and pads, plus an attachment for handheld use.

Safe and Convenient
The Caddy Clean is designed with the user’s needs, convenience and safety in mind. As a portable machine, it is extremely lightweight for easy carrying and use, and features no trailing wires that can cause a trip hazard. It also eliminates the need for buckets of water and chemicals, which avoids messy splashes and spills that not only make an unsightly mess, but are dangerous too.

Although portable, the Caddy Clean is powered by its chargeable 12v battery which can be clipped onto a belt, and powers unbeatable scrubbing for an impressive 2 hours! Compared to wired, heavy alternatives, this scrubbing machine is perfect for saving time and effort and optimising productivity in high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools and supermarkets.

Hard to Reach Places
Also compared to alternatives, the Caddy Clean is much better at accessing those hard-to-reach places. Whilst the compact, wireless design is ideal for edges and smaller spaces, it is the adjustable head that makes the most impact, manoeuvring around curved objects and awkward angles such as toilet bowls with unique precision. For cleaning corners, the brushes are also specially designed with a wide bottom to reach into them with ease.

Telescopic or Handheld
The Caddy Clean can be used with either the telescopic handle - adjustable to reduce bending and stretching for your comfort - or the handheld attachment that are both provided. Although the telescopic handle is ideal for reaching high up points on walls or far back areas on hard flooring, the handheld attachment allows you to clean surfaces up close and personal for greater accuracy. This is useful around sink basins, shower fittings or deep within tile grooves that require extra attention, and is easily assembled in an instant for your convenience.

You can use the Caddy Clean to scrub or polish any hard flooring, furniture surfaces, and wall or ceiling areas, including hard-to-reach edges, corners, and small spaces. It is most popular however for tackling stubborn dirt around toilets and on staircases where the ergonomic adjustable heads are perfect for the curves, odd angles and up-steps. As for the handheld configuration, Caddy Clean is perfect for fittings such as showers, sinks, and dirt built up in grout.

Due to its properties, this item is recommended for public transport, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, or any large or heavy traffic public area.

How to Use
This kit does not include a solution tank, which is optional and available separately. Instead, simply spray the area you wish to clean with an appropriate product, then use the Caddy Clean to scrub or polish the area, and wipe any excess water or chemicals away with a mop or towel afterwards.

The bristle-head brushes are best for hard scrubbing of tough or ground-in dirt, whist the abrasive pads are made for general cleaning, and the microfibre pads for polishing surfaces including wood and stone flooring. You can easily change the pads in a short amount of time for greater efficiency, and won’t need to carry around lots of different tools to complete your clean.

Contents Included:
•Scrubbing machine
•Telescopic handle
•Handheld attachment
•12v battery, charger and belt clip
•Two pad holders
•Pair of abrasive pads
•Pair of soft pads
•Pair of standard and light brushes

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