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Cream Cleaner, Lemon – 500ml


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Lemon Cream Cleanser by Premiere Products is a mildly abrasive cream cleaner that gently removes stubborn dirt from trickier surfaces, leaving behind a fresh lemon scent. As a general use product, it is an essential for any cleaning arsenal that will be put to use in a variety of environments, ensuring no unnecessary chemicals are used and no sticky residue or scratches are left behind. If ever in doubt, Lemon Cream Cleanser provides the solution to most cleaning problems!

The Cream Formula
Cream cleaners are typically used on surfaces that are tricky to clean, whether that be due to a build up of stubborn grease, rust or watermarks, a delicate surface prone to scratching, or a material easy damaged by harsh chemicals. The formula works effectively just by applying to a damp cloth and wiping, then rinsing away. Tougher stains may take some extra elbow grease, but no scourers or additional chemicals will be required to do the job well!

Although every environment benefits from a cream clean, kitchens and bathrooms are especially suited to the formula thanks to its ability to remove encrusted grease, burnt on food, limescale stains, rust and water marks better than any other type of cleaner on the market. Clean your bath, shower, oven, tiles, sinks, and appliances to a sparkling shine and soft citrus scent without worrying about scratching or chemical damage ever again.

Almost any delicate surface suffering from ingrained dirt and stains will also be left looking good as new and with no residue. The cleaner is suitable for abrading away otherwise indestructible dirt on hard plastics, ceramics, enamel, laminate, vinyl, paintwork, stainless steel, and chrome without causing damage. It can even freshen up your shoes and sports equipment!

No matter how daunting a task, with Lemon Cream Cleanser, you will always clean confidently and walk away with a proud smile on your face.

The Science
As residue in kitchens, bathrooms and on general surfaces is most often acidic, an alkaline formula like Lemon Cream Cleanser is needed to break them down and provide an effective clean. Acidic substances include soaps and cooking oil, as well as fats and oils shed from human skin and hair, which of course harbour unhygienic and illness-inducing bacteria wherever they land. With a pH 10 alkaline formula, Lemon Cream Cleanser is strong enough to do the job just as well as the market leader – although neither stray too far from neutral to ensure safe use across various applications. This adaptability makes the formula ideal for those long winded deep cleans in large schools, offices, or homes.

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