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Heavy Duty Antibacterial Cloths, Green – Pack of 25

These heavy-duty, multi-purpose cloths are the ultimate solution for dry cleaning tasks in hygiene-sensitive areas such as hotels, hospitals and food preparation. Each cloth is specifically designed for maximum hygiene and durability where it is most vital, incorporating a variety of features that standard cloths fail to match.

Each cloth is manufactured with an apertured structure to pick up, retain and release debris with ease, including food crumbs that would otherwise be spread around or wiped onto the floor. Even the toughest wiping tasks are no problem thanks to the design, which gets its durability and tear-resistant strength from the incredible 80gsm thickness. As a non-woven cloth, there is again tear-resistance, and absolutely no linting that causes contamination – perfect for high risk areas.

Inherent in each cloth is an intelligent antibacterial agent that remains active throughout its lifespan - regardless of how much the cloth has been used – which will effectively kill harmful micro-organisms every time you clean. Between uses, cloths can also be laundered in a standard washing machine to improve hygiene, so you can use your cloth for longer and minimise waste. Within a multipack of 25 cloths, this long-lasting product will therefore not only save you money, but save the planet.

Although washing the cloths will make them good as new for safe use in any environment, green cloths are typically used for public areas such as receptions. Please note any colour coding in your workplace before purchase so cross-contamination can be avoided. Red, yellow and blue options are also available for other uses.

• Size: 50 x 35cm
• Pack Size: 25 cloths
• Colour: Green

For the same cloth in alternate colours, please see the following: Red - 216835; Yellow – 216838; Blue – 216836 Green