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Professional Bucket and Wringer, Polypropylene, 15 Litres - Green

  • Professional Bucket and Wringer, Polypropylene, 15 Litres - Green

Manufactured by the number one janitorial brand in the UK, Robert Scott, it is no surprise that this hardwearing yet lightweight 15L bucket is the first choice amongst leading restaurants, supermarkets and healthcare providers. With an intelligent and well thought-out design, you can expect maximum performance with every use - even in large commercial spaces. Suitable for use with most sizes of traditional mop.

Safe and Durable
With a polypropylene body, the bucket is waterproof and resistant to cracks, dents or other damage – even under heavy weight – with the added benefit of being easy to clean. The plastic handle proves sturdy whilst also saving money compared to metal alternatives, and uses an ergonomic design including finger grooves and holes for comfort and a stronger grip. This prevents the user from dropping the bucket and causing slip hazards when hands or gloves are wet.

Another main feature of the bucket is the spout on the brim, which allows the user to easily pour out the contents without dangerous or unhygienic spillages, yet isn’t so prominent that it will induce accidental spillages when carrying. The protruding rims on the opening and bottom of the bucket also assist in safely disposing of the contents where lifting with the handle is not appropriate.

Superior Design
As a single bucket with wringer, the simple design is economical for your business and efficient for the user. The wringer allows you to drain dirty water with ease for a more hygienic clean, and clips on and off to allow deep cleaning of both the wringer and bucket interior. This design also lets you use the bucket without the wringer for jobs other than mopping, making it a versatile option for small businesses, the home, or those on a budget. The wringer when attached is ‘high profile’, meaning it sits on top of the bucket to reduce spillages, and doesn’t encroach on the bucket’s capacity.

This bucket has a capacity of approximately 15L, making it perfect for diluting and carrying large quantities of cleaning product for greater efficiency in large spaces. Graduation marks are incorporated on the inside for easy and accurate measuring, ensuring cleaning products can be diluted properly for maximum effectiveness.

The Language of Colour
The bucket is green in colour to easily differentiate from others in a workplace where colour coding is used. Green buckets are normally used in public areas such as receptions and hallways, and should be matched with green mops and handles to prevent cross-contamination. The message ‘caution wet floor’ is printed on both sides of the bucket with a universally understood symbol to prevent accidents, and ensures safety where standalone caution signs may not be available and are awkward to carry.

Suitable for use with most sizes of traditional mop. Manufacturer Robert Scott are specified by the NHS, and are a member of the Cleaning & Hygiene Supplier Association (CHSA) and Make it British community. Where relevant, all products adhere to ISO 9001: 2015 and FSC standards.

For the same bucket in alternative colours, please see the following: Yellow – 22751X; Red – 227501; Blue – 216712 Green