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Transition and Friendship Book Pack

Big changes can be challenging, but these charming picture books show children the rewards of keeping an open mind and stepping out of one's comfort zone to make new friends!

This captivating book pack contains 2 beautifully illustrated books:
•A New School for Charlie. (by Courtney Dicmas)
Charlie is excited about his first day at a new school, but when he gets there, he finds it full of cats! The difference is quite a shock for Charlie, who isn’t sure how to cope. How can he make new friends? He may find the answer he’s looking for in the library.

•The Things (by Petronela Dostalova)

Thing leads a simple life with its friends, Cactus and Moose the Shadow Puppet... until the day Thing sees Other Thing through the telescope! How will Thing react, and what will happen when Moose the Shadow Puppet suddenly disappears? A quirky story about how generosity, understanding and tolerance can lead to true friendship. Pack of 2

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