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VELCRO® Brand Stick On Tape, Hook and Loop, White - 10m Roll

  • VELCRO® Brand Stick On Tape, Hook and Loop, White - 10m Roll

Key Features:
•Hang pictures and bond items together
•Avoid holes, marks and other damage caused by nails and screws
•Self-adhesive – easily applicable to any hard surface or item
•Cut to length as required – custom to your needs
•10m(L) x 20mm(W) roll

Velcro Brand Stick On Tape is a hook and loop adhesive tape that does the job of screws, nails and hooks but without the permanence or damage such as holes and marks. Suitable for an endless variety of applications, Velcro Tape is most popular with those wanting to hang their favourite pictures or bond together two items with quickness and ease.

Why Velcro Stick On Tape?
Hook and loop tape is applicable to most smooth surfaces and items, providing a more stable hold than that of magnets, and an impermanent hold compared to nails and screws that can ruin walls and damage items you wish to hang. It is also suitable for use on items you wouldn’t normally be able to hang, such as those made from plastic or metal. This tape is a fantastic tool in rented properties as a result, as well as for use on precious, collector’s pieces that you do not wish to pierce.

With a Velcro mechanism, it is also possible to hang up a whiteboard or vinyl record for example where hooks are unsuitable and the item needs to be frequently removed for use then returned.

Unlike alternatives, Velcro Stick On Tape comes as a roll that can be cut to the desired size, so there is no confusion or additional expense when it comes to weight limits! Each strip when cut to 20mm long can hold 300g of weight, and is also a compact 20mm in width to stay neatly hidden. With a generous 10m total length, there is more than enough for home, school and office use!

The Velcro itself has a professional white appearance to remain subtle when in use and go unnoticed by guests. As this tape is flexible, it can also curve around objects of more awkward shapes and sizes, and connect flexible items to one another in your arts and crafts projects for example.

How To Use
Velcro Stick On Tape is quick and easy to use. For best results, ensure surfaces are clean and dry before application. Once you have cut the required strips to size, peel the tape from the fastener and firmly press them into place on to the surfaces you wish to adhere. Please note the adhesive reaches maximum strength after 24 hours. You can now stick the hook and loop Velcro strips to each other.

Once a strip is attached to your wall, it is possible to replace hanging items without replacing the tape itself, allowing you to switch between photo frames, quirky wall displays, or seasonal décor in an instant.

•Length – 10m
•Width - 20mm

Holds up to 300g per strip cut to 20mm in length.

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