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Boiling Over Game

An exciting new board game to help teach children about developing their own set of self-calming techniques. As they play the game, children will start to learn how to identify when they are ‘boiling over’ with anger and where they can try to use certain self-calming techniques, such as taking a deep breath, using kind words, or walking away. The aim of the game is for each player to take it in turns to match all the ’Keep Calm’ card pairs before they find all three of the ‘Boiling Over’ cards. If they find a ‘Boiling Over’ card they must put it in the boiling pot and their turn is over. If all three ‘Boiling Over’ cards are found first, the game starts over again. Includes 20 ’Self-Calming’ cards, 3 ‘Boiling Over’ cards and a game board. Ages 5+ Age 5+

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