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Casio fx-83GTX Scientific Calculator - Black.

The Casio fx-83 is the UK’s best-selling scientific calculator. An upgrade to the fx-83GTPLUS, the fx-83GTX offers all the same benefits but with 14 additional functions required for today’s curriculum, alongside clearer menus and display, and a faster processor.

As it is permitted for use in all UK and Ireland exams where calculators are allowed, the respectable and familiar Casio fx-83GTX is highly recommended for GSCEs.

Key Features
The Casio fx-83GTX features 276 unique functions including:
• Trigonometric/Inverse Trigonometric Functions
• Hyperbolic/Inverse Hyperbolic Functions
• Exponential/Logarithmic
• Power Functions
• Fraction Calculations
• Sexagesimal Functions
• Geometry Coordinate Conversion
• Algebra
• Prime Factorisation
• Recurring Decimal
• Table Function
• Ratio Calculation
• Absolute Value
• Probability
• Advanced Statistics, and much more.

The natural-v.P.A.M LCD display also shows mathematical expressions such as roots and fractions as they appear in textbooks for consistency with teaching, familiarity to students and results that are easier to understand.

These features have led the calculator to be recommended and approved for use in key stages 3 and 4, including GCSE, national, higher, junior and leaving certificate exams. The clear menus and incredible processing speed are particularly vital for exams; with students quickly and easily performing calculations with no lag, no distractions, and far less overwhelm compared to previous models

As a battery powered calculator, there is low risk of sudden shutdowns during exams, with the 192 x 63mm LCD display remaining clear all the time. The calculator uses auto power-off to save battery life, and comes with a slide-on protective hard case to prevent awakening. This also keeps the plastic buttons protected when taken to and from school for home learning.

3 year guarantee. Requires 1 x AAA battery. 1 x battery and hard protective case included. Black