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TTS Talking Turtles - Set of 10 - WAS £51.45

A wonderfully versatile set of waterproof recordable turtles for use in sand, water and gloop. Each turtle has a numeral on the top and a corresponding word and amount underneath. A great resource for literacy as well as numeracy.
Press the record button and speak, then simply squeeze the turtle to hear the message. These cute characters are great for hearing the number aloud to reinforce mathematical understanding. You could record in any language. Use in small world play, on treasure hunts, or for number lines. Suitable for indoors and out. Made from a soft durable plastic. Replaceable batteries (AG13 3 x per turtle) are included. Size 100(L) x 90(W) x 50mm(D). Recording time 10 seconds; expect in excess of 1000 playbacks per set of batteries. 2 years +.

Set of 10

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