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Ramp Set

Allow students to study time, speed and the effect of friction. Includes a 1m high simple adjustable ramp with four height adjustment positions.

• Four slope surfaces with different levels of friction

• A car that has space for weights (not supplied)

• 2 magnet proximity switches which fit into two holes in the ramp

• A magnet which is attached to the underside of the cart using the sticky pads supplied.

• The Switches will detect the magnet /car as it travels down the ramp. This change can be used to record the time the car took to travel from switch A to B

• Speed between A and B (by entering the distance from switch A to switch B)

• Acceleration between A and B (by entering the length of the magnet)

NOTE: The switches in this set are only suitable for use with a Vu data logger. Please call 01924 834864 for further information.

Lead time

4-6 weeks