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Dyscalculia Lesson Plans Kit - WAS £49.99

This kit has been designed to help you to deliver the Dyscalculia Lesson Plans in both Book 1 and Book 2 and can also be used independently to support children with mathematical learning difficulties. It contains a range of hands-on resources that will help your children to develop their mathematical understanding and enable them to get the most out of your lesson time using a good variety of concrete materials. Contains: 100x sticky dots, 50x coloured counters, snakes and ladders gameboard, 20x A7 blank cards, write-on wipe-off dice, 0-9 dice, standard dice, 0-9 foam coloured numbers (50 mm), 0-100 number cards, A7 red and blue cards, cuisenaire rods, dominoes set and feely bag. - WAS £49.99 .