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Polyphonic & Cd Set 2 (321 Pieces)

This is a literacy product specifically designed for the latest teaching standards in synthetic phonics. The design is specifically aimed to help young children hold and grip the product. It fits slightly raised from the desk to allow children to easily get their fingers beneath the pieces and pick them up. The tiles easily fit together for blending sounds to make words, and come apart quickly for segmenting. Letters and graphemes are spaced precisely to help children understand the correct format of words. Each set is supplied with a CD rom that is universally accepted by all whiteboards and computers. Set 1 contains 79 single letter tiles, 20 two letter tiles, 4 three letter tiles and 4 space tiles, with work cards and a booklet. Set 3 contains exactly 3 times as many of each tile, accompanied by work cards and a booklet. Set 2 (321 pieces)