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TTS Box of Bones

A brilliant Box of Bones brimming with ideas for learning opportunities whilst igniting imaginations. Produced by TTS in partnership with Alistair Bryce-Clegg, this collection aims at encouraging high level engagement and in return achieving high level attainment. There is a curious collection of replica bones, claws, skeletons and other resources to inspire and excite. Imagine finding a dinosaur egg in the middle of your setting. Who does it belong to? Will it hatch into a dragon, a phoenix or a T-Rex? Alistair's book and printable materials provide a treasure trove of activities covering all aspects of the EYFS. It has a strong emphasis or mark making and giving children a real sense of purpose for writing.

There's so much potential for rich language, mark making and a deep level of learning and sustained shared thinking. You'll love seeing the children enthralled and captivated with these memorable, magical moments. Imagine all this potential in one box!

Contents include: 1 x whole egg, 1 x cracked open egg, tooth, claw, 20cm bone, 25cm bone, 2 x brushes, 12 dinosaurs, driftwood, large bean pod, abalone shells, bark, book and CD for downloads. Please note, some items in this box are not toys. We recommend a full risk assessment is carried out appropriate to the children in your care before introducing them into your setting.

3 years +