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TTS Woodland Village - WAS £63.03

Create a magical world for fairies and elves whilst stimulating conversation and collaboration. Build houses, tables and chairs with the included wooden roofs and the wooden pieces. There's seed pods for making chairs or whatever your imagination wishes. Make the sticks into a fence or build a woodland fire to cook the elves' tea. Make the setting cosy with the soft moss. This great value set is wonderful as a construction task but it is so much more. Imaginations really can soar as the children use the open-ended materials to create their own mini locations. The toadstools can become a fairy ring to dance around. Make tables, chairs, post boxes or paths. Make tables, chairs, post boxes or paths. The wooden discs are equally open-ended. There are more notes online to inspire ideas but the children will become more the instigators for the lovely ideas. This set can be used indoors or outdoors. The children may choose to add stones, leaves etc to enhance the drama. It can be used on grocer's grass, a builder's tray or table top but really comes alive when used outdoors on a grassy patch. We know this magical, natural set in its woven basket, will delight and engage. It will inspire language and creativity. For more ideas see notes online. The set includes 4 wooden fairies, 6 wooden elves, 3 roofs (size: 1 x 170mm, 1 x 150mm, 1 x 130mm), 5 mushrooms, 2 seed pods, various sizes of wooden blocks, 8 wooden discs, 1 x bag of moss, 1 x pack of sticks, 1 x woven basket. N.B contents may vary slightly as we have included natural materials. Not to be left outdoors. - WAS £63.03

3 years +