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Self-Adhesive Glitter Gold Star Stickers – 110 Stickers


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Key Features:
•Gold star stickers made from special foil with glitter
•Suitable for practical use by teachers and parents or decorative use by children
•Adhere to a wide variety of materials
•Ideal for festive projects, night time scenes and congratulations
•110 individual stickers across 2 sheets

These star stickers are loved by teachers, parents and children alike thanks to their wide variety of practical and decorative uses. As a pack of 2 sticker sheets with approximately 110 stars, they are sure to last a long time no matter how they are used, and are extremely easy to peel and stick as required!

Each pack contains 2 sheets totalling 110 star stickers of assorted designs and sizes. They are all gold in colour with a glitter finish that glistens brightly in the light for a more exciting look that catches the eye, that children will love using or feel proud of receiving as a reward.

With a variety of designs included, it is possible to use the different stars for different reasons, or simply allow children to choose their favourites, making them more likely to want to earn a sticker through good behaviour or hard work.

Designs include stars of various sizes with various arm lengths and thickness, shooting stars, and star outlines that can fit smaller stars inside.

Teachers find these stickers extremely useful when marking school projects and homework to congratulate students on their success, whilst parents find similar use in ticking off chores and keeping track of good behaviour. Using the stickers in this way provides children with a sense of pride and achievement, encouraging them to work hard and succeed again and again.

On the other hand, the stars are just as useful for decorative purposes, particularly when used on dark paper or in festive and wintery scenes. Children can use the self-adhesive stickers anywhere they like – whether that is improving their arts and crafts or decorating and personalising everyday objects such as laptops, photo frames, games consoles and exercise books! They are also perfect for Christmas projects such as greetings cards, bespoke gifts, gift wrapping and tags for a unique, memorable touch.

Children will find self-adhesive stickers extremely easy to use, making them much more fun and relaxing than alternative arts and crafts resources.

The stickers will adhere well on paper, card, wood, plastic, metal, glass and other common materials so you are free to stick them anywhere. Although they stick strongly, the stickers should peel off no problem if you wish to remove them at any point.

As they are made from special foil, these stars are much stronger than alternative stickers that can easily rip or bend before sticking.

Each sheet measures approximately 10 x 24cm. Contains 2 sheets with a total of 110 stickers. .

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