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Changes in Living Memory KS1 Artefact Pack 1980's

Changes in Living Memory 1980’s Key Stage 1 Pack is a fantastic new resource to help teachers save time when planning history lessons. When a teacher is equipped with the context of a decade’s events and everyday living styles, this can provide younger children with a greater insight into our history. Compare timelines and lifestyles - Help our younger generation place events in history through research, activity, colouring and discussions. This brand new 1980’s Teacher Resources and Student Engagement Kit includes: Events & Inventions Time Line, Around the Decade, Royal Family Facts, Everyday Living Teacher Prompt Card with Student Response Card, 2 x Colouring in Pages, Topical Artefact [s], Replica Toy [s], 10 pieces of replica memorabilia.
This product is designed for educational purposes only and is to be used under the supervision of teachers/ teaching assistants. May contain small parts. Contents may vary.