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Handwriting Match Fit Assessment Booklet (HMFA), Start-Bee - Pack of 30

The Handwriting Match Fit Assessment Booklet (HMFA) helps assess children’s handwriting and flag any learning difficulties that a child may have. Although not a diagnostic tool, the booklet can help indicate whether children are likely to have autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, or problems with spatial awareness or hypermobility.

The booklet includes lots of fun activities for the children such as drawing patterns and tracing, and for teachers, there are checkboxes for observations based on how children write and how they hold a pencil. Lots of information can be gathered from something as simple as pencil grip for example, and simply by ticking boxes, the booklet will provide the most effective learning strategy for each child.

Although the results of the booklet can be used for future SENCO assessments for the aforementioned conditions, the main benefit of the book is the immediate practical strategy provided. The strategy is based on any conditions or difficulties that are present or likely to be, and helps all children not only meet current expectations and standards, but leave primary school with a lifelong ability to write well. It does this by improving fine motor skills, physical dexterity, strength and stamina to write joined, fluent and legible handwriting.

Results can be sent to Start-Bee for analysis on your behalf to make sure results are accurate and unbiased. Following this, lessons can be delivered as a class, in small groups with similar results, or on a 1 to 1 basis as needed. Progression can be tracked each term by repeating the assessment.

This book is strongly recommended for all primary aged children - SEND or mainstream - so that none slip through the cracks and experience future difficulties. This book is also used by teachers who have completed the handwriting assessment and moderation e-learning CPD. Pack of 30

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