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A4 Silvine Lab Book 1, 5, 10mm graph alternate 7mm feint, Green Cover, Pack 10

Perfect for plotting data and drawing graphs, the A4 Silvine Laboratory Book is highly recommended for science students. Whether conducting experiments, creating graphs of existing data, or simply learning how to plot points, this paper is a must have in any science classroom.

The 1mm, 5mm and 10mm squares on each page help make the finer details in data much easier to record and comprehend, whereas the scale on the left hand side, again, makes for easier recording of data. Alternative paper is available with larger squares (139529), but smaller squares are recommended for older students with more complex data sets. Although every left-hand page uses graph paper, the right-hand pages are all standard 7mm feint lined paper with a left-hand margin. This creates space for students to discuss or plan out their experiments and analyse results. It also eliminates the need for a second book that has this purpose, giving you great value for money.

An index and headers exist on the inside cover so students can navigate to specific projects with ease, and record names, dates, and a project summary.

All 80 pages of the 75gsm paper are sustainably sourced and made in the UK for greater peace of mind that you are not damaging the planet with deforestation and long-haul shipping.

The softback books come as a pack of 10 to make bulk buying for your class much easier, and with an instantly recognisable laminated green cover for easy identification. 1, 5, 10mm graph