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French Sentence Construction Cards - WAS £25.70

This bumper set of card inserts can be used with the foam dice to create grammatically correct French sentences. Designed to play as a game amongst your class you can use from between two to six of the foam dice, dependent upon your pupil's ability. Each of the cards is colour coded to differentiate between whether the words are adjectives, nouns, prepositions or verbs. Simply roll each of the dice, try and create a silly or sensible sentence and award points for which parts of speech the pupils have been able to use. With vocabulary ranging from clothes, colours, places, rooms in the house, furniture, food and many more, the opportunities are endless! The cards are double sided with words on one side and a corresponding image on the reverse, therefore pupils can either focus on reading the vocabulary or just pronouncing the vocabulary dependent upon their ability. - WAS £25.70