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Fadeless® Display Roll, Winter Time Design – 1.2m x 15m

Key Features:
• Fade-resistant paper for long term use
• Add style and draw attention to important displays, notices and sale products
• Versatile for education, arts and crafts and businesses
• Winter Time design – perfect for adding a festive touch
• Extra wide (1.2m) and 15m long

With over 50 years of experience, Fadeless® is the premier, ultra fade-resistant display roll solution for your displays and noticeboards. Brought to you by the brand behind Corobuff®, beauty and durability are guaranteed with each and every roll so you can keep your displays looking good for longer. Choose the beautiful Winter Time design to ensure your display puts a smile on every face this season.

Compared to a corrugated roll, this non-corrugated Fadeless roll is much more versatile.

As it is less juvenile in appearance, this look adds professionalism for use in offices, staff rooms and shops, as well as school corridors and classrooms, and will never look out of place with its understated, versatile style.

In the absence of a 3D texture, this paper lets the colours and patterns do the talking, placing heavier emphasis on the beautiful festive theme without overwhelming or taking attention away from the displayed information. It is also easier to pin notices on or add borders to non-corrugated paper.

Fade Resistant
Fadeless technology was specially developed to combat the effects of exposure to long hours of sunlight. This makes them versatile for use on sun-lit walls where displays would otherwise be unsuitable.

By combining this technology with vibrant, acid-free colours, Fadeless Rolls retain their appearance for longer so they can remain as beautiful as the day they were put on display! Compared to alternative brands, Fadeless Rolls will not need to be replaced throughout the festive season, and will save money and waste as a result. Fadeless Rolls can also be recycled after use.

Display rolls of course make the perfect backdrop for your wall displays, bulletin boards and play scenery, but have many other versatile uses too. Use Fadeless Display Paper for wrapping presents, protecting book covers such as diaries and scrapbooks, making party decorations, or crafting.

The Winter Time design is particularly useful for adding a unique festive touch to your displays and projects, and is recommended for stage decorations, nativity play backdrops, Christmas cards, or even as a table skirting during your Christmas dinner - the possibilities are endless!

•Width: 1.2mm
•Length: 15m

Acid-free. Recyclable. .

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