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Newsprint 49gsm, 508 x 760mm, Pack of 500


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Newsprint paper is an off-white, wood pulp-based alternative to standard paper. It can be used for practising drawing with pencils, charcoal or pastels due to its smooth surface, and is low-cost enough to cause no worry if any mistakes are made. Whether you are a serious artist practising and planning out your next big artwork or just a doodler looking to save money, this paper does the job.

Newsprint is so named for its use in newspaper manufacturing and takes ink quite well as a result. You may notice newspaper often leaves print on other surfaces however – but this can be another benefit if you are looking to press a graphite drawing onto canvas for example, and the blank pages of this newsprint are great for an ink-free papier-mâché base.

This pack contains 500 sheets at 49gsm.

• W: 508mm
• H: 760mm 508 x 760mm

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