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Border Rolls, Monochrome Colours, 57mm x 15m - Pack of 4 Rolls

Key Features:
•Corrugated – durable and creates a 3D look
•Scalloped – eye catching, fun and informal pattern
•Monochrome colours for versatility and modern style
•The perfect finishing touch to any display or noticeboard
•4 x rolls – 15m long

These Border Rolls are ideal for enriching displays and noticeboards with eye-catching style. This assortment of black, white, silver and grey tones will add a timeless, head-turning finish to your borders that ensures any materials within get the attention they deserve.

A Finishing Touch
Border Rolls make the perfect finishing touch to any display or noticeboard, both in practicality and style.

Stylistically, borders make your displays appear more complete and professional, with eyes better drawn to the important messages within.

In terms of practicality, border rolls can hide messy edges of imperfectly cut poster paper rolls, as well as dangerous staples and pins or flimsy tape that hold the paper down. The edges of your displays are also protected in busy corridors where paper would otherwise be at risk of tearing, therefore lasting much longer than those without borders.

Corrugated and Scalloped
Compared to regular borders, a corrugated, scalloped border creates a more informal and exciting appearance, and increases durability for longer term use in busy areas such as corridors and classrooms.

The corrugated style also allows you to create unique 3D layered designs on any flat surface - perfect for those who love to get creative and use more than just paper within their displays.

Due to its appearance and durability, the corrugated and scalloped style is preferred by the leading brand. With these identically-designed value border rolls however, rest assured you are getting the same high quality for less!

Versatile Tones
With this combination of colours, it is easy to create a monochrome theme for a modern stylistic look that is as professional as it is impressive. Whether used in a school or office, these border rolls can be used year-round and in any location without looking out of place or clashing with surrounding décor.

•Width: 57mm
•Length: 15m (2 x 7.5m strips per roll)

Colours Included:
•Grey .

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