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Handwriting Exercise Book, 203 x 165mm, 5/10mm Ruling, Yellow, 24 Pages - Pack of 100

These 24 page 203x165mm portrait handwriting books are a fantastic way of teaching children to write neatly and with accuracy on both the upper and lower parts of the letters, keeping letter sizes correct in relation to eachother.

The two red lines at the top and bottom of each row have a 10mm spacing, and the two blue lines in between have a 5mm spacing. Although smaller lines than alternative products, this helps write smaller text with readability, and are useful for older children refining their skills rather than learning for the first time.

The smaller size of these books compared to standard A4 helps to save space as well as money. These books are the perfect size (24 pages) for classes that may not be able to fill a full A4 book that has lots of pages, helping environmentally-conscious schools to save paper that would otherwise go to waste. Also helping the planet is the 75gsm paper and 125gsm pressing covers – a much better alternative to laminated covers that are on the market.

The books come with yellow covers to help differentiate between other books in a collection. Alternate lines 5/10mm, yellow

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