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The Complete Anger Management Toolkit for Ages 11-18

the Complete Anger Management Toolkit has been specifically designed for higher Key Stage 2 and Secondary children to provide support when discussing situations that may cause us to feel angry and adopt coping mechanisms when these arise. The kit contains 7 different resources including

3 Steps to Anger Management Posters
Help young people deal with their angry feelings by prominently displaying these reminders
Anger Management Programme Secondary
Session plans to control students’ anger effectively
Beyond Anger Management
Session plans to improve communication and assertiveness
Activities to Help Young People Deal with Anger
How to address issues relating to anger and conflict using a mentoring approach
Anger Management CD-ROM
Carefully designed to help raise and discuss potentially challenging issues around strong emotions, particularly anger
Anger Management Games
Group games using compassion and care to deal with situations of conflict and anger
Anger Management Discussion Cards
The perfect way to help young people talk about anger-inducing situations and how they would cope