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Recordable Binoculars - Set of 6 - WAS £82.35

Pupils are able to make a 30-second voice recording on to each set of these binoculars. The recordable binoculars enable pupils to easily make observations of what they can see through their eye pieces, without having to put the binoculars down to record it in writing. Ideal for assessment purposes and simple to use, they enable children to make observations in a 30-second recording, without the pressure of having to write it all down. As well as being a recording device, the binoculars also have a 4x magnification. Made from a durable ABS plastic, the set includes 2 of each colour: red, green and yellow. Requires 2 x AAA batteries per set of binoculars. Each measures: 116(L) x 116(W) x 54mm(D).

Set of 6

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