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Easi-Scope Wireless - WAS £72.23

Unveiling a pioneering extension to the world of magnification. A fully independent device that is recharged via USB and offers total flexibility within your classroom indoors and out.

Simply hold the Easi-Scope over the object, focus by turning the top then take videos or still images using the single control button at up to x43 magnification (using a 17" monitor).

Watch the awe and wonder as children see a bug magnified up to 43 times on screen.

Create works of art from the detailed view of a leaf.

Key Features:

10 metre range
Larger device which is easier to hold and investigate with little hands
Digital transmission on 2.4Ghz for perfect picture quality
Hidden antenna, aids ease of use
Communicates with a radio device which is plugged in via USB - WAS £72.23

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