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Wood Piece Class Pack

·  A different natural way for children to build and investigate
·  Each set is unique and contains 40 pieces, some cut directly from tree branches but including platform and other challenging shapes .
·  Pieces vary naturally in diameter but are 2,4,6, 8 and 10cm long with parallel ends.
·  Children learn quickly how to combine modular pieces to create supportive columns of equal height.
·   By placing platform pieces across the columns they investigate balance and stability.
·   Imaginative young minds will see endless combinations and possibilities.
·   The two A3 pieces of felt can be used as a roof or floor covering for shelters.
·   Supplied with a tough practical draw string bag together with an ideas and information leaflet.
Note: this product is manufactured from responsibly harvested wood; bark may become detached from un trimmed pieces and product is therefore not recommended for children under 3. Pack of 40