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YPO Double Sided Maths Counters - Red and Yellow – Jar with 1000


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These YPO Double Sided Maths Counters offer a visual manipulative for students when completing math problems. Allowing students to draw counters helps them understand mathematical concepts they may otherwise struggle to comprehend, making this an invaluable tool for any early years setting.

These durable double sided plastic counters feature two colours, red and yellow, allowing also for grouping activities where students may need to differentiate one counter group from another. Students can cross out counters for a subtraction problem or draw more shapes for an addition problem.

The TPO Double Sided Maths Counters are 25mm diameter and supplied in a sturdy jar.

•Double sided plastic maths counters
•YPO own brand product: Better value, delivered
•Dimensions: 25mm(D)
•Jar with 1000 counters
•Colour: Red and Yellow Pack of 1000

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